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Tea Caddy Japan

Japan Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy GORGEOUS makie Autumn Chaki (904)


Japan Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy CRANES fly away at SUNRISE makie Hira-Natsume 806


R2838: Japan Old Seto-ware Brown glaze TEA CADDY Chaire Container Shifuku w/box


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy SUMIYOSHI makie Natsume (907)


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy UNIQUE DESIGN Hira-Natsume (828)


M6319:Japan Kiyomizu-ware Seto glaze TEA CADDY Taikai chaire Containerr Shifuku


Japanese Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy BUSH CLOVER and PLUM makie Hira-Natsume (828)


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy SMALL BAMBOO makie O-Natsume (904)


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy The Rising Sun MARU-Natsume (801)


Vintage Rising Sun Japan Porcelain Tea Caddy Early Showa Period hand painted


Japan Japanese Porcelain Kutani Avian & Floral Covered Tea Caddy ca. 19th


Stoneware chaire tea caddy, splash, Japan 20th century


Antique Bronze Damascene Tea Caddy Caddie Trinket Jar Japan Mt Fuji Cylindrical


Japan Japanese Tea Caddy Brown Glaze Fine Pottery Wood Lid Signed ca. 20th c.


QP6: Vintage Japanese Wooden Tea Caddy of Yakumo lacquer ware, NATSUME


Small, globular chaire tea caddy, Bizen stoneware, Japan, 1980s




Antique Nippon Japanese Asian Oriental 4 Side Tea Caddy Jar Vase Porcelain Japan


Japan lacquerware Matcha tea caddy Paulownia arabesque makie Natsume NT82


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Temari Damie Chinkin Hira Natsume tea ceremony NT37


G305: Japanese tea caddy for SENCHA of AO BIZEN pottery with popular tin top


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Bamboo Makie Urushi nuri Natsume tea ceremony NT83


Excellent Antique American Can Co. General Store Toleware Tea Caddy Box Rotating


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Oigawa Makie Natsume Matcha tea ceremony NT90


Japan lacquerware Natsume Matcha tea caddy Hanamaru Makie tea ceremony NT68


Japanese Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy RABITT-EAR IRIS makie Natsume GOLD FOIL (831)


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Yamanaka-nuri Blue shellfish SEIKAIHA Natsume NT31


Japan lacquerware Urushi nuri Natsume Matcha tea caddy Seven Treasures Makie NT4


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Wajima-nuri Makie Kinrinji Natsume tea ceremony NT33


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Round fan Makie Natsume Matcha tea ceremony NT32


Japan tea caddy Flower gold Makie Nakatsugi Natsume / matcha tea utensils NT65


Japanese tea caddy Natsume with wooden box "Maki-e Nadeshiko/ Dianthus" wood


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Urushi nuri Natsume “Gosho no hana” Makie NT84


Tea caddy Japan lacquerware “Kodaiji Makie” Natsume Matcha tea ceremony NT80