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Tea Caddy Japan

Japan Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy AUTUMNAL NIGHT makie Chu-Natsume VERY UNIQUE 1101


Japanese Kanshitsu Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy LANDSCAPE makie Hira-Natsume (1105)


Japanese Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy MATSUKUI-TSURU makie O-Natsume (1101)


R8783: Japan Seto-ware Brown glaze Poetry sculpture TEA CADDY Chaire Container


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Tea caddy DISTANT MOUNTAIN makie O-Natsume (1101)


R8182: Japan Wooden Plastics Flower gold lacquer pattern TEA CADDY Natsume 3pcs


Japan Vintage Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy KOUDAI-JI makie Natsume 1105


Japanese WAJIMA Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy The Bell Cricket makie Natsume (1101)


Japanese Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy Chrysanthemum design in Chinkin Natsume (1105)


Japanese Antique Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy BUSH CLOVER TAKA-makie Natsume (1105)


R724: Japan Kiyomizu-ware TEA CADDY High class lid Shifuku, Oketani Teiichi made


Tea caddy Japan lacquerware “Kodaiji Makie” Natsume Matcha tea ceremony NT80


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy PEONY makie Natsume (1011)


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy NARCISSUS makie Long-Natsume 1002


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Tea caddy LUCKY HAMMER & a Mouse makie Natsume 925


UP7 Vintage Japanese tea caddy, Kuromuta ware by Famous potter, Nobumasa Maruta


R8758: Japan Kiyomizu-ware Seto glaze TEA CADDY Chaire Container Shifuku w/box


Japanese Traditional Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy Flower makie Hira-Natsume (1101)


Japanese SHUNKEI Lacquer Wooden Tea caddy Natsume Beautiful Grain (911)


Japan Japanese Porcelain Kutani Avian & Floral Covered Tea Caddy ca. 19th


Antique Nippon Japanese Asian Oriental 4 Side Tea Caddy Jar Vase Porcelain Japan


Small, globular chaire tea caddy, Bizen stoneware, Japan, 1980s


Antique Bronze Damascene Tea Caddy Caddie Trinket Jar Japan Mt Fuji Cylindrical


Stoneware chaire tea caddy, splash, Japan 20th century


Japan Japanese Tea Caddy Brown Glaze Fine Pottery Wood Lid Signed ca. 20th c.


Excellent Antique American Can Co. General Store Toleware Tea Caddy Box Rotating


Great Tole Tea Caddy, Japanese, Abalone Inlay, Bird, Pine Tree, Flowers


Japanese Old TEA CADDY for Tea Ceremony Bamboo Motif


Japan lacquerware matcha tea caddy Kingfisher Makie Natsume / tea ceremony NT96


R8497:Japan Seto-ware TEA CADDY Taikai chaire Containerr High class lid Shifuku


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Shikunshi Makie Natsume tea ceremony NT97


R917: Japan XF Old Seto-ware Tin Sea cucumber glaze TEA CADDY Chaire Container


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Oigawa Makie Natsume Matcha tea ceremony NT90


 Japanese Tea Ceremony Futaoki (Lid Rest) 3 Gourds Design


Japan lacquerware Natsume Matcha tea caddy Gourd lacquer work Makie Chado NT44


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Wajima-nuri Makie Kinrinji Natsume tea ceremony NT33


Japan lacquerware Wajima-nuri Autumn moon Makie Natsume matcha tea caddy NT78


R8304:Japan XF Old Kiyomizu-ware Shochikubai pattern TEA CADDY Chaire Container


Japan lacquerware Natsume tea caddy Bush clover wild goose Makie IKKANBARI NT47


Japan Lacquer Wooden Tea Caddy KINRINJI-Natsume w/ design in 4 seasons makie J10


R8742: Japan Old Karatsu-ware glay glaze TEA CADDY Chaire Container Tea Ceremony


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Temari Damie Chinkin Hira Natsume tea ceremony NT37


Japan lacquerware tea caddy Natsume Spring and autumn Makie tea ceremony NT17


Antique Vintage Porcelain Japanese Tea Caddy


Japan Lacquer wooden Tea caddy a portrait of Poet makie Kaioke shaped Chaki 608